• 28 Sep 2021

    Developing a Climate Action Plan for the Covenant of Mayors with the use of the Urbanproof toolkit

    What is the UrbanProof toolkit?

    The UrbanProof toolkit is a decision support system aimed to enable better informed decision-making for climate change adaptation planning.

    The user is guided though the different stages of the toolkit in order to gain insight into the climate change impacts to the urban environment, to explore and evaluate the available adaptation options and to investigate the effect of adaptation interventions in increasing climate change resilience.

    The toolkit has been developed in the frame of the LIFE URBANPROOF project “Climate Proofing Urban Municipalities” which is co-financed by the LIFE programme for the Environment and Climate Action (2014-2020).

    The UrbanProof toolkit consists of 5 interdependent stages which altogether comprise the adaptation process:

    Urban Proof



    The UrbanProof toolkit (except Stage 1) can be readily used by all urban municipalities (cities, towns and suburbs) of Cyprus, Greece and Italy for the development of their Climate action plans, meaning that all relevant databases are integrated to the toolkit and therefore the users do not have to insert any data.


    Advantages of the UrbanProof toolkit

    The toolkit allows for different geospatial information layers to be visualized and combined to present total impact assessment results with sufficient spatial differentiation at municipal level.

    It adopts the composite indicator approach in order to capture the multi-dimensionality of impacts in a comprehensible form and to support practical decision-making processes. One can always examine however the individual indicators in isolation.

    It presents information through dynamic maps. In specific, the user my zoom at a specific location of the map within a municipality and see the exact value for a certain indicator by clicking at the map. In addition, the parallel comparison of two indicators or climate change scenarios is possible through a “swipe layer” function.

    UrbanProof toolkit Guide for Covenant of Mayors

    To support municipalities, a guide has been developed providing instructions on how to incorporate the outputs of the UrbanProof toolkit in the development of a Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan.

    The guidance is in accordance with the Reporting guidelines of the EU Covenant of Mayors (2020) and refers to the following steps of the adaptation process:

    • Conducting a Risk and Vulnerability assessment
    • Setting quantitative targets for the Climate Action Plan
    • Identification, assessment and selection of adaptation actions

    Read the guide here.

    More information at https://tool.urbanproof.eu/