• 27 Apr 2021

    New ambitions - European mayors act together for a fairer, climate-neutral Europe

    The renewed ambitions of the Covenant of Mayors - Europe were officially launched during an online high-level event on 21 April.

    Bolder vision, renewed ambitions

    2021 is a milestone for the European Covenant of Mayors, as signatory cities are stepping up their climate ambition to reach a common vision:

    "By 2050 we will all be living in decarbonised and resilient cities with access to affordable, secure and sustainable energy."

    On 21 April, mayors and local leaders from the Covenant Political Board showed the way by endorsing this new vision during an online ceremony [1], and now invite all European local authorities to join the movement.

    Building on a survey among local authorities and on the climate neutrality target of the European Union, these renewed ambitions reflect local leaders' commitment to a climate and energy transition that is fair, inclusive and respectful of us citizens of the world, and of our planet’s resources. Beyond the objective of reaching climate neutrality by 2050, Covenant of Mayors signatories also commit to implementing adaptation to climate change measures and alleviate energy poverty through a just transition. They finally commit to engaging their citizens, businesses and local stakeholders in the transition, thus contributing to the European Climate Pact. The European Climate Pact is an EU-wide initiative inviting everyone to participate in climate action and build a greener Europe.

    Reinforced support from the European Committee of the Regions

    The event also celebrated the official nomination of the European Committee of the Regions ambassadors of the Covenant of Mayors. The Committee of the Regions has been supporting the initiative since its creation in 2008, and the cooperation with the European Commission on the Covenant has been recently intensified. The Committee of the Regions thus appointed 27 members - one per Member State - to become the national representatives within the Covenant of Mayors in Europe, endorsing and reinforcing the initiative in the EU Member States.

    CoM 2050 hands together

    Call to action

    To build on the success of our launch event to keep boosting a just climate transition, we invite all local authorities to:

    ENDORSE – Present the 2050 commitment document (available in all official EU languages) to your local council for formal approval, whether you are already a signatory or not. Make sure to read the annexes we have developed to help you!

    SHARE – Help us spread the word around the Covenant of Mayors movement’s strong ambitions and local authorities’ actions thanks to this communication kit and Mayors' Call to action video.

    Next milestone

    The Covenant of Mayors - Europe Ceremony, in October 2021, will be a powerful moment to celebrate with signatory cities and the entire Covenant Community our commitment to a fairer, climate-neutral Europe. Stay tuned!



    [1] 21 April event - Materials: