• 04 Dec 2019

    Project Development Assistance: Covenant of Mayors cities and regions share their experience!

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    Many of the signatories to the Covenant of Mayors have used Technical Assistance (TA) facilities to develop projects as part of their Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans. In a recently-released booklet, we have gathered lessons learnt by cities and regions all across Europe which benefitted from, or are currently using one of the TAs, with the aim to help future beneficiaries in the application process.

    Horizon 2020 Project Development Assistance

    The experience of… Solrød, Denmark

    In 2014, the municipality of Solrød cooperated with industry partners, suppliers, outlets and research institutions to develop the Solrød Biogas Plant. This plant produces green energy from seaweed and other by-products such as organic waste and manure from local farms. This innovative public-private partnership catalysed multiple benefits to the wider community of Solrød and local stakeholders by providing new sources of renewable energy.

    Financing from the MLEI instrument of the Intelligent-Energy Europe* programme secured financing for the final preparation phase, project and communications management, and helped with tendering techniques. The success of the project is reflected in a €12.7m investment in a turnkey contract for the construction of a combined heat and power biogas plant and the purchase of a biogas engine, approximate reductions of CO2 by 40,100 tons CO2/year and the production of 60 GWh/year of energy from renewable sources.

    The experience of… the Torino Province, Italy

    The 2020Together project was born from a need to overcome financing barriers at local level to start energy efficiency refurbishment of public buildings and street lighting. The metropolitan area of Turin teamed up with the Piedmont Region, the City of Turin and the Environment Park.

    Special focus was given to innovative financing measures of Energy Performance Contracts and the implementation of new forms of financial partnerships between local public administrations and private investors such as ESCOs (Energy Service Companies). During the project, 11 municipalities from the Turin metropolitan area benefited from the innovative model of the energy efficiency tender developed, while another 10 municipalities have started a similar project. A ‘Guide for drawing up EPC contracts – The 2020Together experience’ has been developed to encourage replication.


    European Energy Efficiency Fund (eeef) Technical Assistance Facility

    The experience of… the Ferrara Province, Italy

    In the Emilia Romagna region, the 4 municipalities of Ferrara, Cento, Mesola and Voghiera are directly benefiting from the eeef Technical Assistance with planned measures to upgrade street lighting and deeply retrofit 12 buildings (offices, town halls, sport facilities and schools). The eeef project development services include technical support in the project development, to perform the initial studies and energy audits. Regarding the ESCO selection, legal advice has been given to structure the public procurement process and set up the legal framework. Moreover, a verification system and measurement solutions were defined to monitor the achieved savings. The total expected project volume of the technical assistance in the Ferrara Province is €30.8Mio.

    All these examples and more can be found in our latest publication: ‘Project Development Assistance – Lessons learnt from the Covenant of Mayors Community’. Horizon 2020, eeef, ELENA… Find out which PDA facility is made for you!

    * Launched in 2003 by the European Commission, the Intelligent Energy – Europe (IEE) programme offered a helping hand to organisations willing to improve energy sustainability. The EU's Horizon 2020 programme now supports the research, demonstration and market up-take of energy-efficient technologies.

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