• 15 Apr 2021
    12:00 - 13:30

    Financing Community Energy - Unlocking the Finance Needed to Speed Up Renewables Development in Europe

    Organiser: Others

    The IRENA Coalition for Action Community Energy Working Group and the EU Community Power Coalition are pleased to present a first joint webinar on “Financing Community Energy - Unlocking the Finance Needed to Speed Up Renewables Development in Europe” on April 15th, 12:00 to 1:30 CEST.

    This webinar aims at defining and sharing concrete finance needs of community energy projects in Europe. By providing insights into recent research on the role of community energy as a driver of a green energy transition in Europe as well as how and under which conditions community energy projects can be financed, this virtual event will provide a space of informed exchange and interactive dialogue. Key actors, such as political decision-makers, civil society and practitioners, European investment and cooperative banks as well as energy experts are invited to participate in this cross-cutting event and share their experiences, needs and expertise to create common ground for future developments.

    Europe faces the challenge to create a reliant and sustainable energy supply across the continent and to deal with the effects of the COVID19 pandemic, climate change and environmental degradation on the currently existing energy system and their socio-economic implications. Community energy, as a model of energy supply being owned and run by cooperatives and communities, has the potential to speed up the development of renewable energy deployment and therefore the green energy transition, to build ownership among the people by reaping benefits locally and to create opportunities and energy security through decentralised energy production. Building on the current momentum of climate action and the green energy transition, this webinar will discuss how to create a favourable environment for community energy financing, including enabling legislative and regulatory frameworks and policy guidelines.

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